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Introducing ecoBear

Hi there, I’m ecoBear with a capital ‘B’!
I’m just a little bear but I have big hopes. Hopes of a happier, healthier environment! It’s great to be part of the Ukayfuels team and I’m excited for what the future holds…



It’s honestly a true pleasure to meet you!

I’m half polar and half grizzly. A ‘strange but wonderful’ combination my mother tells me…
My coequals just do not concur, they strip me bear of any sort of wonderfulness my mother could have ever pawsibly ingrained into me. And because of my love fur our environment they appoint me names such as ‘GeekoBear’… GeekoBear with a capital G. But I just try to pay no attention to these taunts and merely channel my energy elsebear.

So, bearsically - the two subjects that are of utter most importance in my life are my Ma and my Pa.
However, they’re getting a little old now, so I need to make sure I look after them beary beary well - keep their fur soft and their noses wet!

As a family, we have always travelled and been inspired by the beauty this Earth holds; yet we are fearful fur how this marvellous phenomenon may deteriorate in the coming years, I just cannot bear the thought!

One Day I Found Out About ecoKero…

One very run-of-the-mill day, I was bumbling around on the internet looking for an alternative practice to my existing package to keep warm and toasty as my Pa is really starting to feel the chill these days. His pension is somewhat pawthetic so I needed to search value for money as well as quality. That’s when I discovered Ukayfuels. Immediately I wanted to get my claws stuck in and so I began to learn all about their pawsome, exclusive product, ecoKero. And now I am a proud representative for ecoKero and things are just fantastic!

I really hope that my eco-contribution will help towards raising awareness of ecoKero. This product will aid in the preservation of our Earth’s splendour along with many other products and services other eco’s are supporting.

ecoBear’s Promise

I endeavour to consistently provide top-notch customer service no matter what. Not only do I wish to care for the environment, I wish to care for you!

Get in touch

Feel free to send me an email with any questions, I’d love to get to know my fellow earth-lovers! Or even follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with my various escapades…

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EcoBear signature

Age: 4 bear years old
Weight: 92lb
Height: 1.06m
Fur colour: White
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite food: Flower bulbs
Chosen super power: To fly
Interests: Reading, fishing & research

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What is ecoKero
Advanced Heating Oil

ecoKero is something amazing. It is an extremely advanced and innovative home heating oil, an alternative to standard kerosene. By opting for ecoKero, you will incur super savings as it allows for your boiler to operate at its optimum efficiency, cutting your annual maintenance costs and giving you a cleaner, greener, longer lasting burn.

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