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Ukayfuels are pleased to announce the release of a new fuel e.g.o35d which meets the BS2869:2010+A1:2011 Gasoil Class D specification.

Our wide selection of industrial fuels are all designed to offer users an economic range of energy products to meet their specific heating requirements.

e.g.o35d is a non-waste derived fuel and is brought to market as an alternative to gas oil and to compete with similar fuels currently being successfully used in various industrial markets such as Abattoirs, Breweries, Creameries , Bulk Liquid Storage facilities (for heating/ steam raising boilers) and in Industrial Drying Plants.

Typical financial savings on a like for like energy value basis would be in the region of 10 -20% against conventional gas oil subject to load size and geographic location.


e.g.o35d Product Specification

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