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Gas Oil - Red Diesel

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Used for small furnaces and boiler applications, stationary diesel engines and untaxed diesel engine vehicles. (Not to be used as a road fuel). Gas Oil, also known as Red Diesel, is a distillate fuel manufactured to give clean burning, maximum heat output and efficient combustion in boilers and off-road diesel engines. It is ’rebated’ gas oil, (reduced rate of excise duty) is dyed red and contains chemical markers in accordance to Customs and Excise requirements to prevent its use as a fuel in road vehicles.

Gas Oil is a "dual purpose" fuel and it can also be used as a boiler fuel in domestic or light industrial installations with pressure jet burners. As well as a diesel fuel for off-the-highway equipment such as stationary diesel engines, farm tractors, construction equipment, railway and marine engines.

We supply some of the country’s largest and most demanding users of red diesel 24hrs a day, 365 days a year; therefore you need never be without gas oil. Flexibility is the key - tailor-made agreements specifically for you and your company’s needs. Just give us a call and speak to an experienced member of our fuel team now. We will be able to discuss your red diesel requirements and advise you on a fuel solution to save you and your company both time and money.

Contact the Domestic team on: 01473 825 161 or E-mail

Contact the Commercial team on: 01376 574650 or E-mail


ULSG - A2 Product Specification Class D Product Specification

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