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For a cleaner, greener, longer lasting burn.

What is ecokero?

EcoKero is our new advanced home heating oil product which is completely exclusive to Ukayfuels and has been specifically developed to offer substantial savings over that of standard kerosene.

EcoKero helps your boiler to operate at its optimum efficiency, and both reduces your annual maintenance costs and the resulting deposit of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere giving you a cleaner, greener, longer lasting burn.

Having extensively trialed EcoKero over the past three years, Ukayfuels are extremely confident in its ability to offer our customers one of the most advanced alternatives to traditional home heating oil currently available on the market today.

Why You Should Save With EcoKero

Key performance benefits 

EcoKero improves the storage integrity of heating oil and enhances all aspects of combustion while giving you a substantial saving.

In the tank: fuel cleanliness improved  

+ Reduced sediment formation
+ Corrosion protection

In the filters: Improved filterability

+ Less filter blockage
+ Reduced maintenance

In the boiler: Improved efficiency

+ Reduced deposits
+ Reduced soot
+ Fewer deposits
+ Less maintenance

Nozzles: Improved efficiency

+ Reduced deposits
+ Better spray pattern
+ Improved atomisation


Kerosene Home Heating Oil

Regular grade kerosene is often referred to as 28 second burning oil, and is refined to a very high quality with good burning properties. It is ideal for domestic heating appliances with clean burning characteristics , high heat output and maximum economy.

C2 kerosene meets BS 2869 Class C2 and contains chemical markers in accordance with Custom and Excise requirements.

Our Exclusive EcoKero Heating Oil

EcoKero is a greener form of Kerosene which is kinder to the environments and has a longer burn, saving you money. Find out more about EcoKero Here.

Ukayfuel’s Price Promise Guarantee

Ukayfuels believe in offering customers highly competitive prices, helping them save more and spend less. We are so confident with our prices that we offer a price promise guarantee, where we promise to beat any legitimate price offered by a competitor.



How do they compare?

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